A long time ago I stumbled across an organization of devoted individuals (parents, grandparents, teachers, people of the community) with the simple goal in mind to make the new world for a younger generation of women and girls, a better place. A Mighty Girl is meant to inspire and encourage young women to step out of the expectation and role that society and people of society have set in place for them. It is a project devoted to empowering people to stay true to who they really are, may it be a beautiful Princess or a beautiful Hero. In fact, why can't a Princess be a Hero?  It is trying to teach a younger generation of girls that they do not have to be confined, nor defined by a discouraging system which sets in place impossible beauty standards and gives the impression to impressionable young women that they should not speak up because they will not be heard. In fact, it says a lot of things. All of which I am grateful to hear and see circulating out there for all to interpret. 

I believe that both men and women possess a beautiful combination of masculinity and femininity. And think its wonderful that there is a collection of people out there trying to set the record straight on an old and incorrect perception of femininity, and doing it in an extremely positive way. Kudos to the creators and contributors of A Mighty Girl. Thank you for being responsible role-models to a younger generation and setting the table for the next batch of happier, stronger and healthier young girls. Its a small thing, saving lives in a big way. 

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