Intimate, authentic and powerful are the perfect words to describe this alt-folk artist’s sound. Armed with a unique presence and incredibly vulnerable music, Abraham has become known for moving audiences to tears. Her voice is angelic, and carries a warm reckless honesty that is both intense, and slow burning.

"I want to empower people in their sensitivity, and in the emotions that seem most frightening to really feel. I want people to be heard, and to be honoured. But mostly I hope that my music can, in some small way, inspire people to hear and honour themselves.”

Quietly working away, and gaining impressive traction since her first release in 2014. Abraham has since completed 5 major Canadian tours, spanning across Canada and specific areas of the Pacific Northwest. She has been invited to play at some of Canada’s most coveted music festivals (Sunfest Country Music Festival, Westward Fest, CMW, Rifflandia, Song & Surf, Tiny Lights) while sharing the stage with many of the countries major, and budding independent artists along the way. (Haley Blais, Jordan Klassen, Luca Fogale, Kirsten Ludwig).

Blending a low-fi nuance with uniquely crafted folk songs, full of pop sensibility and powerfully emotive lyrics. Her songwriting bears a dark brooding complexity that embodies, and acknowledges the beauty of fragility. Often likened too that of Feist, Angel Olsen and Phoebe Bridgers. Abraham is currently based in Vancouver B.C, and is set to release two new singles this coming fall.



Sydney Batters doesn’t perform, she lives. Seeing her on stage is akin to watching her find her way through this world. In fact, seeing her walking down the road is its own proof, as she proudly sings while she makes her way through the busy Victoria core. She holds a fret board like it’s an extension of her wrist and her fingers move over keys with familiar, easy grace.

Her music is an emotionally driven melody, written as she responds to the world around her; it’s woven from her subtle analysis of human behavior as she expresses a soft curiosity for life
— Paul Bensen; Frontlines Press
Sydney Batters’ sweet, soulful voice echoes brilliant imagery over subtle acoustic guitars, jazzy undertones and folky twangs. She blends sounds from various genres and feelings pulled from the deep crevices of her life to make the music breathe with beauty. And “beautiful” might be the most accurate description of this journey through love and the human connection.”

“The entire effect seems so effortless, but nothing short of stunning. Very few acts can grab ahold of your heart in the same way Abraham does. Some compare her live show to Angel Olsen and Fiest, but This Old Heart EP can only parallel with specific moods: the wintry tear-jerker that is Sigur Ros’s or the loneliness emanating from Daughter’s If You Leave.
— Mike Leach; The Equal Ground
Abraham is described as a “project [that] is centered around the evolution of life, love and death. It is a journey through human connection and relationships.” And the EP delivers this in a genuine and refreshing way. What is most striking to me, however, is that Abraham’s voice is not at all fixed in any one kind of singing style. It moves freely, ascending into the sweet and airy and back down again into sultry and soulful song. This is especially apparent in her final track (and my favourite so far), “Burn Bright”, which was featured on CBC Radio 1 last week.
— Chris Ho; The Coastal Spectator
Sydney Batters (aka Abraham) is one of those ‘velvet hammer’ singers — her voice comes across with softness and vulnerability but behind it there is a steely strength. On her debut single, the indie folker “Burn Bright”, she sings with crystal clarity above an arrangement of subtle beauty (gotta love that touch of brass). The lyrics are inspired by a startling true event in her life — a woman attempted to abduct Batters on the day she was born.
— Mark Behnson; Ride the Tempo
Her voice is lovely, pristine and flawless. Abraham’s musical/vocal performance is similar to assists such as Fiest or Ingrid Michaelson.
— Cazzy Lewchik; The Permanent Rain Press